Can Men Get Osteoporosis, Too? Say your aging father or husband breaks his wrist playing a game of tennis. When he gets back from the hospital, he says the doctor told him he might need more calcium and vitamin D. You may suspect he also needs a bone density screening test and osteoporosis treatment. But do men get osteoporosis, and do they need medication for it?

Men get osteoporosis, too, although less frequently than women. Most men will not get screened for osteoporosis until their seventies or eighties — if at all. As a result, men and their doctors often miss the signs of osteoporosis, such as a fracture or break that shouldn’t have occurred. And while a woman in the same situation might be screened for bone loss or prescribed osteoporosis medication, men often are not. So when it’s warranted, encourage the men in your life to get screened for osteoporosis.