Are Osteoporosis Medications Riskier Than Going Untreated? You’ve heard about the side effects of osteoporosis medications, and you’re left wondering if taking these drugs is more of a risk to you than osteoporosis itself. You’re trying to weigh your options carefully, but you think you’re better off just trying to prevent a fall.

Douyon says that the most common question she gets from patients who have osteoporosis is whether the recommended medications are safe. “It’s important to know why you need to be on it. The end result of osteoporosis is fracture,” she says. “People lose their independence, and they can develop chronic pain in their backs. These medications can prevent long-term consequences.” Your doctor can recommend a safe dosage of medication for your needs. Even if you aren’t sure about taking medication yet, look at every aspect of your daily life to reduce the risk of falling.