Do I Need More Vitamin D? You may have heard that vitamin D is in certain foods and that your body can create it from exposure to sunlight, so you might think you get enough vitamin D in your diet or just by running errands outdoors. But do you really get enough vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis and maintain bone health, or do you need to increase your daily intake?

“We don’t eat vitamin D-rich eggs and sardines like we used to, and we use sunscreen when we’re outside, which prevents us from getting vitamin D,” explains Douyon. Eggs and sardines are good dietary sources of vitamin D, but many people don’t include them in their diet. And sun exposure is a problem, not only because of the risk of skin cancer, but because at certain times of the year and in northern latitudes, people may not get enough of the sun’s rays to produce enough vitamin D. Reconsider your approach and take a supplement to help prevent osteoporosis.