Are You Too Young to Worry About Osteoporosis? When most people think of osteoporosis, an image of an elderly woman with a dowager’s hump in her upper back comes to mind. If you’re in your teens, twenties, thirties … or anywhere short of 80, you may think you’re too young to worry about bone loss. But are you?

Actually, the best time to think about osteoporosis is when you still have a chance to prevent this bone-thinning disease. Ideally, you should have a bone-friendly lifestyle beginning in childhood and throughout young adulthood, when your body is building bone mass rapidly. Your body stops building bone mass by your thirties, and after menopause, women may experience accelerated bone loss due to changes in hormone levels. Even though women have the greater osteoporosis risk, men can experience bone loss and fragile bones as well. You can help protect your bone health by learning about osteoporosis risk factors and prevention now.