Are veterans who travel together all entitled to Beneficiary Travel reimbursement? What about those veterans who take the DAV system or other “free” transportation?

In order to be eligible for travel benefits when transporting to VA care or treatment, a veteran must actually be incurring an expense. Should one or more veterans travel together in a private vehicle, only the owner of the vehicle is actually incurring expenses and therefore is the only person entitled to travel reimbursement.


However, should multiple veterans share a vehicle where passengers must pay for their transport such as a taxi or where one veteran pays another veteran for transport, then all are entitled to travel reimbursement either at the mileage reimbursement rate or actual expense, whichever is less. Such persons must provide a receipt to indicate an incurred expense and to receive reimbursement. Veterans who take non-pay transportation such as DAV transportation, VA Network transportation systems or other no-cost city, state, or area systems are not incurring cost and therefore are not entitled to Beneficiary Travel reimbursement.