Are veterans who work at a VA facility and receive their care there eligible for Beneficiary Travel reimbursement when they have a medical appointment? What about volunteers?

Eligible employee veterans and Compensated Work Therapy (CWT) patients shall be provided mileage reimbursement in the same manner as other travel eligible veterans when they have a scheduled health care appointment on the same day they are working. As always, in order to qualify the veteran must meet Beneficiary Travel eligibility. In the case of an employee, sick or annual leave should be used to cover the period of the appointment if the appointment is during their tour of duty. CWT patients should have appropriate approval for absence from their CWT program. In cases of unscheduled visits, if the employee or CWT patient is seen as a veteran (vs. employee), then they may be reimbursed for one-way travel the same as other veterans. The following must be met in order to be eligible for such reimbursement:


The purpose for which the veteran reported is one for which travel at VA expense would have been normally authorized, and

The visit is satisfactorily completed


Volunteers are not employees and are therefore eligible for Beneficiary Travel reimbursement whether or not they volunteer on the same day as their appointment.