Which facility is responsible for travel when a veteran is referred to a Tertiary Care facility, or another facility that can provide the needed care on an outpatient basis? For inpatient treatment? What about veterans who do not meet eligibility criteria?

For outpatient treatment, the VA facility that is providing the care, or in the case of non-VA care, the facility that authorizes the care is responsible for arranging and providing travel to eligible veterans. Therefore, should a VA facility refer a veteran to another VA facility for care, the second facility is responsible for providing travel, as they will be providing the care (as well as authorizing it). For non-VA (FEE Basis) care, the VA facility that authorizes and pays for the treatment is responsible for travel.


When it is necessary to transport an inpatient between VA facilities (Inter-facility Travel), the releasing VA facility is responsible for travel. Therefore, the initial transportation will be the responsibility of the first facility, and return transport is the responsibility of the second facility. The only exceptions to these rules are for transportation in relation to VA transplant care and for transportation to a VA Parkinson’s Disease, Research, Education and Clinical Centers (PADRECCs). In such cases, the referring facility is responsible for round-trip transportation for either inpatient or outpatient care.