What if a veteran has a PO Box and physically lives elsewhere?

Beneficiary Travel is intended to assist veterans with transportation from their place of residence to the VA health care facility that can provide the needed care. With the implementation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) veterans now have the option of having their official mail sent to any place they choose. However, this does not imply that Travel should be paid from that point. Similarly, a veteran’s home address could be in another state but he or she is currently staying in the area. Therefore, Travel should not necessarily be paid from the distant address. In order to determine appropriate travel reimbursement it is necessary that a veteran establish a current place of residence. A veteran may be asked to provide documentation establishing their address. Should a veteran refuse to provide this information, they are only authorized travel to the nearest VA facility that can provide the required care, not necessarily where the veteran chooses to seek care or treatment. If another VA facility is closer to the veteran’s actual residence and that VA facility can provide the care, then Travel reimbursement will only be to that point.