Is there anything we can do to obtain travel for ineligible beneficiaries?

When a veteran does not meet eligibility for Beneficiary Travel, other sources, including the DAV network, family and community should be aggressively pursued.

VA Form 3068, “Reduced Rate transportation” is also available for field use. This form can be presented to transportation carriers for possible reduced rates for veterans needing to travel in relation to VA health care. It is mainly used for bus transportation; however it may be accepted by other carriers. In addition, VA facilities should be pro-active in assisting the veteran explore possible VA options that would give him/her eligibility for Beneficiary Travel. These include:

    • Service Connection
    • A&A/Housebound
      • For veterans not receiving these benefits, is their income at or below the income thresholds for these benefits? VHA Directive 2004-026, “Income Thresholds Used in Identifying Veterans Exempt from Extended Care Service and Outpatient Medication Copayment and in Determining Eligibility for Beneficiary Travel” provides details on how veterans not receiving A&A/housebound may still be determined eligible for Beneficiary Travel.
    • “Hardship” review
      • Is veteran unable to pay the cost of their transportation?
      • Has veteran lost their job?
      • Does it appear that their future income will be less?