What are the deductible amounts? Is the monthly deductible cap for each facility or is it for travel to all VA facilities for health care? Who is required to pay the deductible?

Public Law 110-387 required VA to reduce (and freeze) the deductible amounts to those originally specified in 38 U.S.C. § 111(c)(5). Therefore, effective January 9, 2009 the Beneficiary Travel deductible was reduced to $3.00 per one way trip; $6.00 for a round trip; with a maximum deductible of $18.00 per calendar month. The $18.00 is the total monthly deductible amount for travel to all VA facilities. Regardless of the deductible amount withheld per trip, deductible requirements end after 6 one-way (3 round) trips in a calendar month. Should a veteran be going to multiple VA facilities, and the veteran notes this when applying for Travel reimbursement, it is incumbent upon the facility providing the care and travel to contact any other VA facilities to determine if the deductible has been met.


The only exemptions to the deductible are:

    • Veterans traveling in conjunction with a C&P examination,
    • Non veteran donors,
    • Veterans requiring a special mode of transportation, and
    • when it is determined that the imposition of the deductible would cause a severe financial hardship (see “Waivers”)

All other eligible veterans, including those receiving care for service connected conditions, are required to have the deductible applied.