What are the main treatments?

The treatment depends on the size and location of the tumor.

The first step is usually removal of the lump combined with circumcision. If the lump is too large to be removed without causing disfigurement then the surgeon will take only a small portion for analysis (biopsy). If penile cancer is confirmed then other options are possible:

  • If the tumor was completely removed during the initial operation, then the condition can often be managed by a series of regular check-ups.
  • If some cancer cells have been left behind then it may be appropriate to give X-ray treatment (radiotherapy) to the penis to avoid the need for further surgery.
  • In advanced cases, then some or all of the penis may need to be removed (partial or total penectomy).
  • If the disease has spread to involve the rest of the body then chemotherapy may be required. You will need to go into hospital for the first few doses of the chemotherapy drug to check for adverse side-effects.