How do dioxin emissions from incinerators reach people?

Dioxin goes into the air and people breathe in the particles. But a bigger problem is that the particles settle on grazing land where cows eat the grass and the dioxin gets concentrated in the fat in their meat and milk.It also gets concentrated in cattle and hogs that are fed dioxin- tainted grain.Dioxin particles can also fall directly into rivers, streams, and other bodies of water or reach these waterways in surface water runoff. Dioxin settles on the bottom where fish and shellfish ingest small particles of sediment. Dioxin then builds up in their fat or organs. In Maine, pregnant women are advised not to eat the green "guts" in lobsters because it's high in dioxin. People call it the "tomalley," but it's actually a combined liver and pancreas - a hepatopancreas.