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Slow-killing parasite from Vietnam may be killing veterans, VA study says

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Killing Parasite


HERALD, W.Va. -- A half a century after serving in Vietnam, hundreds of veterans have a new reason to believe they may be dying from a silent bullet -- test results show some men may have been infected by a slow-killing parasite while fighting in the jungles of Southeast Asia.

Please don’t buy this: smart locks

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Smart Locks


We all like buying the latest and greatest tech toy. It’s fun to get new and novel features on a product that used to be boring and predictable; a draw of the original BeBox (amongst many) was a layer of “das blinkenlights” across the front. But sometimes, the latest feature is not always the greatest feature. And sometimes, some things should not be on the Internet at all. For readers concerned with privacy, or who simply do not want to introduce additional hassle into their tech maintenance routine, we introduce the first entry in our series called “Please don’t buy this.”  Today’s feature: smart locks.

House of Lies: Agent Orange and the Government’s Policy of Cover-up

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AO Disability Claims 002


The Department of Veterans Affairs has an image problem. Recently the VA has been vilified because its backlog of cases has grown to mindboggling levels. By July 2013, more than 600,000 veterans had been waiting more than 125 days, some of them for more than two years, to get the help they needed. And while it’s no news flash that bureaucratic gears grind slowly (a problem, in this case, exacerbated by long-outdated computer processing systems), Peter Sills says there’s a lesser-known reason for the backlog: decades’ worth of government refusal to do the right thing.

Did you know you don't have to carry your paper medical records from one provider to another?

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Paper Med Records


This Holiday Season, we are Thankful for paperless care coordination of electronic health records between the Department of Veterans Affair’ (VA) and your participating community care providers!  By electronically sharing your record with participating providers through the Veterans Health Information Exchange (VHIE), your participating community care providers can better manage your care, so you and your family will not need to request and carry paper medical records from one health care provider to another.

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