Female Veterans being recruited to donate brains for injury research

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Brains for Injury Research


Female military Veterans are being encouraged to donate their brains for research, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced Wednesday in a collaborative effort.

The National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and nonprofit PINK Concussions are partnering to research the effects of traumatic brain injury and PTSD on female brains.

"In the past, the focus of TBI and PTSD brain research has primarily been based on male brains — without any active recruitment for women," Dr. Carolyn Clancy, executive in charge of VA's Veterans Health Administration, said in a news release. "We have a lot to learn about how the female brain deals with TBI and PTSD, which makes this effort long overdue."

Female Veterans and active-duty military women and civilians are being recruited, Katherine Snedaker, founder and director of PINK Concussions, said in the release.

Those interested in donating can enroll through PINK Concussions.